How Waitry Adds Value

+20% Order Frequency

+70% Order value

Costs Reduction

Mobile Payments

Customer Loyalty

It increases the order frequency up to 20% and the order value up to 70%, while it reduces costs, optimizes resources and lets you know your customers better.

Waitry brings a new way of experiencing the pleasure of going out with friends and enjoying quick service. Customers will be able to find the closest and most recommended establishment, make their order and pay in three simple steps.

You will be able to manage orders more efficiently, get to know your clients better and offer them a better and faster service, reducing waiting times, avoiding mistakes in the orders and optimizing the process of preparation and delivery.

Waitry also includes tools for managing menus and interactions with the staff, as well as, analytics about your customers’ behavior, tastes and feedback.

Waitry means to innovate through technology one of the most traditional and gratifying pleasures, your clients are going to experience much more than a good service.

Restaurants & Bar

Eating out, made simple

At restaurants, bars or fast food venues, Wairty avoids unnecessary waiting times and improves the gastronomic experience, increasing table rotation up to a 20%, and the bill amount by up to a 70%.

Right after sitting, clients are able to access to the entire digital menu, in their language and available for that day and time. And in three simple steps will be able to send their order directly to the bar or kitchen.

Waitry identifies the clients and tables unequivocally, allowing them to call the waiter and ask for the bill by just pressing a button.

At fast food venues, Waitry can be used to skip the line, as clients place their order directly from their mobile, pay and get notified with push notifications as soon as the order is ready to be picked up. Using Waitry, you can attend more orders at the most demanding times of the day.

By saving order steps, your staff will be more focused on improving the service instead of taking orders manually, avoiding mistakes, time waste and annoyance.

Waitry is also a complete order management system, as it also integrates with existing POS systems for a seamless experience.


Room Service and Amenities

Waitry’s technology improves and makes easier the guests’ stay at hotels. In addition of being able to be installed in the hotel’s restaurant, it’s the guest’s perfect assistant, as it also works for room service and the request of amenities from the app.

Guests check in at the room using Waitry Connect and access to the complete room service menu.

They can also request clean towels, a change of sheets, a more comfortable pillow or any other amenity directly, without needing to call reception and wait to be attended.

Or even schedule a shift at the spa, call a cab or request any service at any sector of the hotel, such as the pool, gym, lobby or spa. The order will be addressed directly to the reception or staff in charge of attending that service.

Everything is logged and customised, saving time for bringing a better service and stay.

Stadiums, Cinemas and Public Events

Watching a favourite team or artist perform is much more pleasant when Waitry is there to assist your visitors. They don’t have to miss a minute of the show or wait for the half time period to go for food, drinks or merchandising; and what’s even better, they can skip endless lines to get what they want.

Visitors can check in from their seat of Waitry-enabled sectors, access the menu, order and pay directly. They will get their order delivered to their current location without interruptions.

Waitry is the perfect technology for events with food trucks or multiple sales points, as it increases the volume and value of orders, avoids the use of cash and improves sales control.

Promotions and discounts can be generated during the event and sent directly to visitors as push notifications.